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LTC Adult day care centers provide a community-based way to care for physically or mentally impaired adults providing a safe, social and helpful environment designed to increase physical, emotional, and cognitive functioning. Participants are provided care at a central location, usually during the day, and participants return home in the evening. Adult day care centers are an alternative to institutional long-term care, total in-home care and assisted living. It prevents isolation for older or disabled individuals, providing a socialization environment with numerous activities. It also provides a safe environment with proper personal care, nutrition and hydration during the day. This service also offers respite while the primary caregiver goes to work, takes a vacation, needs to be relieved to manage the household or is in need of some 'time off.'

Adult Day Services are far less expensive than nursing home care and extensive in-home care. The National Adult Day Service Association website:
http://www.nadsa.org  offers a "comparison document of Long Term Care Services at a Glance".


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Place to go . . . A change of pace . . .Where friends can meet!